About the MTB Podcast

The MTB podcast covers all the latest news, racing, products, insider stories and more in the world of mountain biking. If it has to do with two-wheels, no topic is off-topic.

Co-hosts Jonathan Lee and Steven Lewis draw from years of experience in the mountain biking world as enthusiasts and members of the industry to give you the info you need to know and the banter you want to hear.

Jonathan's background as a nationally ranked XC racer, certified coach and host of the popular Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast brings a level of training and racing knowledge that is unprecedented.

As a competitive enduro racer and professional mechanic, Steven is an expert on all things technical and mechanical in the world of mountain biking.

These guys know their stuff, the audio quality is pro quality, and the banter makes it feel like you’re chatting with your bros on the way to the trailhead. If you ride mountain bikes, you NEED to listen to this!
— Jeffsy207, Stitcher
Well-produced and great guests. Listen to this instead of Rush Limbaugh.
— DumpsterMuffin, iTunes
Great podcast! Excellent information and enjoyable to listen to. Good sound quality as well. I love the bike setup information and enjoy your guests perspectives on rides and racing.
— Silver NV, iTunes
This podcast is amazing, very detailed dudes that know their stuff!
— CyclingSergio, iTunes

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