Episode Summary

Your questions answered on Christmas Eve by Jonathan and Steven. Enjoy, share and rate!


Episode Topics and Links

- Team Rumors 2019
- Epic Rides 2019 Race Registration opens soon!
- Pinkbike's Field Tests
- Bike Mag's Bible of Bike Tests
- Reliable dropper posts
- XCM National Championships and why USAC needs to improve
- Watches vs. head units
- Our favorite "cheap" bikes
- How to use the winter season to get faster
- Ceramic coating vs. vinyl wrapping
- Why Jonathan is moving on from the RS-1
- Our favorite bottom bracket standard (not what you think...)
- Why your bike has too much travel
- How to stop your fork from diving
- Best first MTB for roadies
- Theories about Intense and if the Sniper XC actually exists
- Fashion "rules" of helmets and eyewear
- The strange utilization of removable cheek pads
- Why you should put your MTB on the trainer
- Cross-training for MTB
- Use cases for the Quarq Shockwiz
- Jonathan is doing Leadville
- Why a full suspension is better for Leadville
- When should you replace your helmet?
- How to avoid hand and arm fatigue while riding
- Cornering technique tips that solve almost every form problem


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